Super Bowl: Who Should I Root For?

Need a little help deciding which team to root for in tonight’s game? Here are some questions to help you figure it out. 1) When I think of the United States, I think of: A) The ol’ red, white, and blue B) The Statue of Liberty 2) I am on “Team ________”: A) Angelina B) […]

Enjoy the Big Game: Super Bowl Bingo!

When I was in high school (and still didn’t like football), my English teacher Mr. Fenlon told us that if we guessed the combined Super Bowl score for that weekend’s game we would receive a 100% on our weekly vocab quiz. Which, in hindsight, was not a very big deal. But I thought it was […]

Who Should I Root For: The Quiz

I think this was really helpful for FifG’ers last year, so I thought we’d try it again. Directions: Choose A or B 1. In competitive situations, who do you root for? A. the underdog B. the superstar 2. What color(s) do you bleed? A. black and/or gold B. blue and/or white 3. What does your […]

Who Should I Root For? Gossip Girl Edition

I love chatting with other girls who love football, but I also understand that some folks who are not into football are forced to watch the Super Bowl. (For instance, when I was a kid, the halftime show was the only thing I enjoyed. Dancing children in multicultural costumes! Random singing people! Audience members with […]

Playoffs: Saints vs. Cardinals

New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals (4:30 P.M.) About the game: This one pits the NFC’s #1 seed against last year’s Super Bowl loser. It’s big news for the Saints, who have not ever reached a Super Bowl. The fan support in New Orleans is huge, especially after the city went through so much devastation […]

Playoffs: Colts vs. Ravens

Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens (8:15 P.M.) About the game: The Colts are the #1 seed in the AFC, but they decided to rest their starters over the past few weeks (because they had already clinched the #1 spot in the AFC weeks ago). Which means that the main guys on the team haven’t played […]