FifG Game of the Week: New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints [10-0] vs. New England Patriotst [7-3] (Monday 8:30 p.m., ESPN) Why it’s good football: This is easily the game of the week. A potential Super Bowl match-up. Two high-scoring offenses. Great coaching. Top QBs in Drew Brees (NO) and Tom Brady (NE). It’s going to be a shoot out, and it’s going […]

Cute Football Player of the Week: Kevin O’Connell

UPDATE 9/6: Oooooooookay. Now he’s a Jet. UPDATE 9/2: Kevin’s a Lion now. Um, maybe not the most auspicious move for him? UPDATE 8/30: Yes, Kevin O’Connell is totally cut. But also? Totally cut. FifG wishes you luck finding a new job, Kevin. First of all, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed […]

Super Bowl (Idol Version)

Folks, we are doing something absolutely, positively shocking here on FifG today. Whereas the typical modus operandi is to provide compelling reasons for pop culture-loving non-football fans to watch a game every Sunday, this time we’re aiming to get you football fans to watch this week’s American Idol finale. And I know that there are […]

Who Should Be Drafted First? QBs

The NFL draft is coming up this Saturday, and pundits will go on about experience, arm strength, hustle, character, Wonderlic scores, 40 times, etc. in determining the best players available. Yet we here at FifG like to focus more on the intangibles. For instance, who is more attractive? Now, I’m not saying this is the […]

A Very Brady Wedding

Hey! It’s a girl-centric football post! And in the off-season no less. Fab. So it seems that Patriots’ QB Tom Brady and model Giselle Bundchen really were engaged, because guess what? They’re married now! Congrats to the happy couple, and let’s hope the Power of Love helps heal Tom’s knee. Take it away, Huey Lewis […]

FifG Games of the Week

Ok, it’s the last week of regular season, and so it’s virtually impossible to choose a single game this time. So here are a few important games with limited pop culture analogizing, because I’m suffering from post-holiday sugar overload, and it’s had the unfortunate effect of rendering my brain uncreative. Miami Dolphins (10-5)  vs. New […]