For the third pick in the draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…

…FifG! That sounds like a joke, but seriously, FifG was the third member of a Roger Goodell/Gerald McCoy split screen on Thursday night. Which is really, extremely hysterical. Attending the NFL draft was amazing, and I would highly recommend it. I have tons to say about the event, and I sort of already said it. […]

QB Drafting Update

So, did everyone watch the NFL Draft? Did you cry? You did, right? Like when Aaron Curry became a Seahawk? I think it’s been fairly well documented that Matthew Stafford will beĀ  moving his highest-paid-rookie-in-NFL-history self to Detroit, Mark Sanchez is now a high-profile New York Jet, and Josh Freeman is a (sigh) Tampa Bay […]

Draft Day

QB Mark Sanchez is heading to the New York J-E-T-S-Jets-Jets-Jets. Makes total sense to me. Sanchez is mature, talented, and super attractive. New York is a huge market and requires the QB to be both savvy with and appealing to the media. Sanchez definitely fits at least the latter, no? I’ve had to watch the […]

Who Should Be Drafted First? QBs

The NFL draft is coming up this Saturday, and pundits will go on about experience, arm strength, hustle, character, Wonderlic scores, 40 times, etc. in determining the best players available. Yet we here at FifG like to focus more on the intangibles. For instance, who is more attractive? Now, I’m not saying this is the […]