Super Bowl: Who Should I Root For?

Need a little help deciding which team to root for in tonight’s game? Here are some questions to help you figure it out. 1) When I think of the United States, I think of: A) The ol’ red, white, and blue B) The Statue of Liberty 2) I am on “Team ________”: A) Angelina B) […]

Super Bowl Bingo: NY Giants vs. NE Patriots

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’ve let this blog get away from me. No excuses. Except I moved out of the country. Does that count? No? Anyway, even from all the way in Europe, I’ve come up with my annual easy and fun Super Bowl bingo game. Ideally, Super Bowl Bingo will help keep football fans […]

Playoffs: Conference Championship Schedule

Long day in the life of FifG, so I’ll just give you this weekend’s schedule. (I might be watching one of these games on a plane this Sunday. Go jetblue!) Sunday, January 24 NY Jets at Indianapolis Colts, 3:00 PM on CBS Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints, 6:40 PM on FOX

FifG Cute Football Player of the Week: Will Demps

Honestly, I didn’t know who Will Demps was exactly until I saw him on Extra! in the man crew, or whatever, with Mario Lopez and the guy from More to Love, aka The Bachelor for big folks. I learned a lot from seeing him on TV. 1) I am the type of girl who learns […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

Today was the first snow of the year. I love the first snow. I tend to hate every snow thereafter, but the first is wonderful. Especially when you remember to wear your boots in the morning, which I did. That is the good news. The bad news is the Bucs lost this weekend. Again. Miserably. […]

FifG Game of the Week: New York Giants v. Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants [11-2] vs. Dallas Cowboys [8-5] (Sunday 8:15 p.m., NBC) Why it’s good football:Because the NFC East is the most popular division in football (see Pro Bowl voting), and this is a big chance for the Giants to prove that they have not been hindered by the loss of Plaxico Burress after last […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, everybody. It’s almost Thanksgiving, the most football-friendly holiday of all and my own personal favorite of the year. Hooray! And the wrap-up: The Titans/Jets game was exciting as predicted. Ok, so the Jets won by a mile, but fact is there are no more undefeated teams in the league, and the 1972 Dolphins can […]