American Idol: Sure, reward them for movie night.

Who was eliminated after the lamest night of the American Idol season? No one, that’s who. The bottom three included ANOOP, Lil/Little, and Douchey Scarf. Douchey Scarf sang for his life, whereupon he was granted a stay of Idol execution. Why did the judges let D.S. live to sing another day? My hunch is that […]

American Idol–America is not PC.

Look what you did, people. You voted off the friendliest, charmingest, funniest, lite-tunes-of-the-’70s-and-’80s singingest Idol of the season. Who also is blind. Now what do you have to say for yourselves? (Oh, ok. Heads-up vote, everyone.) (Sigh.) Scott FM. His jazzy piano ballads won’t really be missed, but his kind spirit and hilarious quips (and […]

American Idol: Songs That Are Modern! Sort Of!

The theme for tonight’s Idol was something like Top iTunes Downloads. Deceptive that, because apparently all of the most downloaded songs of the moment are from 1973. Who. Knew. Anyway, so I had this exceptionally brilliant idea for this evening’s Idol update. Or actually, Kara had the idea. See, she compared ANOOP‘s performance of an […]