Playoffs: Saints vs. Cardinals

New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals (4:30 P.M.) About the game: This one pits the NFC’s #1 seed against last year’s Super Bowl loser. It’s big news for the Saints, who have not ever reached a Super Bowl. The fan support in New Orleans is huge, especially after the city went through so much devastation […]

Super Bowl (Idol Version)

Folks, we are doing something absolutely, positively shocking here on FifG today. Whereas the typical modus operandi is to provide compelling reasons for pop culture-loving non-football fans to watch a game every Sunday, this time we’re aiming to get you football fans to watch this week’s American Idol finale. And I know that there are […]

FifG Game of the Week: Pittsburgh Steelers v. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday 6:28 p.m., NBC) Why it’s good football: It’s the Super Bowl! Duh. Top team in the AFC vs. the top team in the NFC. Can’t beat that! Why you might care: It’s the Super Bowl! Duh. Because, come on, if you’re going to watch one football game a year, […]

FifG Games of the Week: The Playoffs, Wild Card Edition

Welcome to the playoffs! Since there are now only four games per week, it seems a little silly to choose one game of the week. So I’ll go ahead and try to give you a few talking points for each game. Game 1: Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals [Saturday 4:30 p.m., NBC] This one is […]