Days of Our NFL’ers

Hello football ladies! It’s been a little slow here on FifG lately– a fact which I’d love to attribute to a boring offseason, but of course there are cute football players running around all year long. Honestly, things have been slightly craptastic in FifG-land lately, and I decided to go ahead and skip OTAs and […]

FifG Weekly Wrap-Up. At Week’s End.

You know what I’ve learned this football season? It’s hard to write for two blogs! I mean, I love FifG, and I love Chicks in the Huddle, but I also love sitting around and watching television, and darned if the new TV season hasn’t put a crimp in the whole “writing regularly” thing. So I’m […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

I am calling this the weekly wrap-up, even though I’ve never done a wrap-up before and don’t know if I will do one again. Oh the power that one has when blogging. It’s totally going to my head. So much so that I’m going to use bullet points. Ha! The San Diego Chargers wore their […]

FifG Game of the Week: Dallas vs. Philadelphia

Ok, first, I would like to say that I am very excited to have abbreviated the name of the blog for this post. I feel very official now. Welcome to FifG! Second, as a blog with an abbreviatable title, I think it is time to have some sort of weekly thing that I do that […]