Jay Cutler’s Love Triangle

Remember the Backstreet Boys vs. ‘NSYNC days? (Ok, so maybe some of you don’t. Heated rivalry, though, folks. Heated.) I was partial to the Boys–but not because I preferred their music. See, the gentlemen of ‘NSYNC were young and hot (mostly) and natural lady killers. Case in point: super heartthrob Justin Timberlake, who is still […]

Brady Quinn, Former Cute Football Player of the Week, is a Bronco

Well, geez. It’s musical QBs out there! Last year, Cute Football Player Jay Cutler left Denver for Chicago. This year, Cute Football Player Brady Quinn is leaving Cleveland for Denver. And Jake Delhomme, who’s cute but not in the official FifG sense, is headed to Cleveland. Quinn and Derek Anderson faced off in a year-long […]

Jay Cutler: Does he have a girlfriend?

Update (4/22): Apparently Jay doesn’t have a girlfriend. Or, rather, apparently he didn’t, and now it’s up in the air. Maybe this will be Jay Cutler:Julia Allison as Tony Romo:Jessica Simpson? Except that since they are both (intentionally–ick) ubiquitous nowadays, we may just get to watch every teeny tiny step of the courtship. Wahoo. Hey […]

Cute Football Player of the Week

Hey folks. We’re keeping our cute players topical this week (and, yes, it’s another repeat…) by featuring Brady Quinn of the Cleveland Browns. Or should I say Brady Quinn, currently of the Cleveland Browns. Apparently those in the know are predicting that if last week’s CFP (that’s Cute Football Player–a new abbreviation! So bloggy!) Jay […]