American Idol Finale: FifG Wins!

Not to be too tangential here (and we are going somewhere with this), but you know how in Lost Hurley was in that mental hospital for while, and his girlfriend Libby was there, too, and everyone was like, Oh no! This entire show is just like a dream that’s happening in Crazy Hurley’s mind! And […]

American Idol: Noooooo!

Iraheta was voted off. I have absolutely nothing to say to you tonight. Nothing. Least of all Simon, for telling the audience that she was in trouble. America, you should be ashamed.  I will now pretend that D. Gokes doesn’t exist. Feel bad about your mistake. Right now.

American Idol: America is, like, the best.

Here’s what I loved tonight: 1. My letter worked! Iraheta was in the top 2! (With D. Gokes, sure, but this post is all about the love.) Yippee! 2. Douchey Scarf got kicked off. Not that I dislike him and his Timberlaccent that much anymore, but it was time. He was gracious, and the audience […]

American Idol: Big Bland, er, Band

I was so very excited for Big Band Night. You have to understand. Kelly Clarkson’s performance on the first season’s Big Band Night is my favorite American Idol performance  of all time. Anyway, I guess my expectations were too high. The good news of the night, though, is that I decorated cupcakes while I watched […]

American Idol: Insert Disco Pun Here

Warning, Idol fans, this has been a long day in the life of FifG. For that reason, the wrap-up may be lacking in length, wit, and creativity. Lil/Little—I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan–It sounded like I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan. I thought it was ok. I don’t know what the judges said. It looked […]