Who Should I Root For? Gossip Girl Edition

I love chatting with other girls who love football, but I also understand that some folks who are not into football are forced to watch the Super Bowl. (For instance, when I was a kid, the halftime show was the only thing I enjoyed. Dancing children in multicultural costumes! Random singing people! Audience members with […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a great holiday and spent lots of time with family and ate lots of food and watched as much of the putrid football games as you could bear! I was supposed to be traveling during the games yesterday, but as this was not the best weekend for travel,  it turned out […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

FifG Game of the Week winner? The Jets! I didn’t watch the game. Maybe it was interesting. How was everyone’s Halloween? I dressed up as Bristol Palin, because I had no time/money for anything more creative and throwing a pillow under a dress is an easy way to make a costume. Luckily, there was a […]

FifG Game of the Week: MICHAEL PHELPS SPECIAL–Baltimore Ravens v. Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore Ravens [2-0] vs. Pittsburgh Steelers [2-1] (Monday 8:30 p.m., ESPN) Why it’s good football: Because Michael Phelps is a Ravens fan! Ok, so on WordPress.com you can tell what search words people are using to find your page. I posted one thing about Michael Phelps on SNL, and it was really about Peyton Manning, […]