American Idol: America is, like, the best.

Here’s what I loved tonight: 1. My letter worked! Iraheta was in the top 2! (With D. Gokes, sure, but this post is all about the love.) Yippee! 2. Douchey Scarf got kicked off. Not that I dislike him and his Timberlaccent that much anymore, but it was time. He was gracious, and the audience […]

American Idol: Big Bland, er, Band

I was so very excited for Big Band Night. You have to understand. Kelly Clarkson’s performance on the first season’s Big Band Night is my favorite American Idol performance¬† of all time. Anyway, I guess my expectations were too high. The good news of the night, though, is that I decorated cupcakes while I watched […]

American Idol: Insert Disco Pun Here

Warning, Idol fans, this has been a long day in the life of FifG. For that reason, the wrap-up may be lacking in length, wit, and creativity. Lil/Little—I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan–It sounded like I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan. I thought it was ok. I don’t know what the judges said. It looked […]

American Idol: Sure, reward them for movie night.

Who was eliminated after the lamest night of the American Idol season? No one, that’s who. The bottom three included ANOOP, Lil/Little, and Douchey Scarf. Douchey Scarf sang for his life, whereupon he was granted a stay of Idol execution. Why did the judges let D.S. live to sing another day? My hunch is that […]

American Idol: I Am Old.

Tonight’s theme: Songs from the year you were born. I was born before every one of these folks. Sigh. Anyway, this week I’ll break it down by just how badly the judges messed up their critiques.¬† Let’s give it a 1-5 rating, with a 1¬† being: Yes, Kelly Clarkson is the awesomest American Idol. (Because […]

Does he have a girlfriend? (Idol Version): Matt Giraud

I’ve noticed that along with the searches for Jay Cutler’s dating status, the other person whose name keeps popping up in WordPress searches is Matt Giraud (aka Douchey Scarf) of American Idol fame. Or semi-fame. Whatever. Guess what, everyone? I sort of know the answer to this one. Woo! I’d like to thank The Joy […]