Super Bowl: Packers Cupcakes

It’s Super Bowl time once more. And even though the blogging here has been sporadic at best, I’ve still got some cupcake ideas for you! Phewf, right? We had some Steelers cupcake ideas a couple of years ago, but this is the first Packers Super Bowl since FifG was born. So without further ado, Packers […]

Super Bowl Cupcakes: Colts

It’s that time of year again. Super Bowl Sunday is a week away, so now’s the time to shore up game plans and figure out the menu for the big day. As a cupcake lover, I’d argue that there is no better dessert to serve your fellow SB-watchers. And you will be even more popular […]

FifG Favorites Get Married

Rough week in the general celebrity world, with the passing of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and infomercial favorite Billy Mays. But, there is joy in football world, at least. Girls Next Door‘s Kenda and her Eagles-playing fiance Hank Baskett are now officially married. Kendra also happens to be pregnant. And, as anyone who […]

American Idol: America is, like, the best.

Here’s what I loved tonight: 1. My letter worked! Iraheta was in the top 2! (With D. Gokes, sure, but this post is all about the love.) Yippee! 2. Douchey Scarf got kicked off. Not that I dislike him and his Timberlaccent that much anymore, but it was time. He was gracious, and the audience […]

Go Cardinals (Cupcakes)!

I just got off of a very early JetBlue flight, and spent my short trip watching television. (36 channels! And XM Radio!) I learned two important things: 1. You can make a mean tiramisu* with limited ingredients! (Thanks, Take Home Chef.) 2. The Louisville Cardinals are the top-ranked team in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. This […]

Super Bowl Cupcakes: Cardinals

Almost time for Super Bowl parties, people! And because I am here to serve both the football fan readers and the cupcake gods, I’ve decided try to make some team-appropriate cupcakes that you can make, too! Because I’m not actually very good at baking or cake decorating, so if I can do it, YOU can […]