Super Bowl Cupcakes: Saints

Yesterday I showed you some Colts cupcake ideas. Today it’s the Saints turn, and I’ve got to make like Paula Adul and tell you Straight Up that Saints cupcakes were way harder to make than Colts cupcakes. Mostly because the Saints’ logo is a fleur-de-lis. Which is for realz harder to make than even a […]

Happy Birthday to FifG

Guess what? FifG is officially one-year-old today! This little blog baby is getting so big. Why, it seems like just yesterday we were naming Austin Collie and Donald Brown the Cute Football Players of the Week. Oh wait, that was yesterday. Nevertheless, it is a big day here. Time to fill out a new page […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

FifG Game of the Week winner? The Jets! I didn’t watch the game. Maybe it was interesting. How was everyone’s Halloween? I dressed up as Bristol Palin, because I had no time/money for anything more creative and throwing a pillow under a dress is an easy way to make a costume. Luckily, there was a […]

If it works for Peter King…

Peter King is a long-time columnist for Sports Illustrated who does a weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column in which he dissects the week’s football games and makes pronunciations and all of the other things that sports writers do. However, Peter King is also a big fan of coffee (though he seems to love Starbucks’ burnt […]