Gaines Adams, 1983-2010

As you may know, FifG tries to be sort of, kind of impartial-ish in game recaps. (Ok, not really, but I try to at least respect both sides of an argument. Usually.) But as a fan I am a straight-up Buccaneer. Which is why today’s news that Gaines Adams passed away is especially sad. Though […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

Ok, this is way delayed. Please excuse the lateness, especially considering it’s almost next week, and really I can barely remember what happened this week. Here’s the latest-ish: FifG Game of the Week winner: The Minnesota Vikings. Sorry Detroit Lions fans, but that’s one more game to the losing streak. On a positive note, many […]

FifG Game of the Week

Ok, folks, I know that this is a huge football weekend in terms of who will and who will not be heading to the Super Bowl. However, my entire football being has been focused on the Bucs. And a large portion of my non-football being, too. That’s a good 3/4 to 7/8 of my being […]