Super Bowl Bingo: Packers vs. Steelers

Like last year, I’ve created an easy and fun Super Bowl bingo game to play during the Super Bowl. Ideally, Super Bowl bingo will help keep football fans invested in case of a blowout, and it will make the game more interesting for those who are mostly just excited to watch the commercials.

Super Bowl Bingo

2 Players (or two teams of 2)
Materials: Game Cards (1 per player); M&Ms, pennies, or just a pen/highlighter

1. Download the Super Bowl bingo pdf.
2. Print and cut out a game card for each player/team.
3. Fill in the Bonus square with something you think you will see during the game.
4. Go over the squares with any non-football fans before the game starts.
5. Watch the Super Bowl. Each time an item on your card appears on the screen, cover the square with an M&M, a penny, or just draw an X on the square.
6. The first player who marks 5 squares in a row wins! Or, if you want to go all out, the first player who marks the entire board wins.



Super Bowl: Packers Cupcakes

It’s Super Bowl time once more.

And even though the blogging here has been sporadic at best, I’ve still got some cupcake ideas for you!

Phewf, right?

We had some Steelers cupcake ideas a couple of years ago, but this is the first Packers Super Bowl since FifG was born.

So without further ado, Packers cupcakes!

First, an entire tray of Packer green and gold. (Or, technically, green and yellow.)

*Cupcakes co-decorated by Friend Cupcake.

Pretty from afar, right?

Nothing too creative this year. We used some green and yellow M&Ms to decorate, but basically this is just a straight-forward cupcake + frosting situation.

We did make one attempt at adventurous decorating. I bought Fruit Loops and crushed some yellow and green loops to make a decorative cereal crumb.

The following cupcakes are the result of that effort.

And they look, um, effort-y.

Go Packers!

Jesus Leads 7-9 Team to Playoffs

How did the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks win a ticket to the playoffs?

Jesus played quarterback!

Ok, it’s really Charlie Whitehurst.

But is it any coincidence that a previously lousy backup QB had the game of his life in the NFC West showdown against the St. Louis Rams?

You be the judge.


Stretching... or parting waters? Oh wait, that's Moses. Whatever.

Ok, I’d like to date Jesus, er, Charlie. But does he have a girlfriend?

Once again, FifG would like readers to note that many of the sites that claim to inform you about NFLers’ girlfriends are bad for the ol’ computer. There is no concrete evidence online that he is taken, but according to an observant Talk-Sports commenter named “Anonymous” (pretty name!!), he has frequented a Safeway in Bellevue with steady gal. Anonymous describes her as, “Tall blonde, good body, kind of cute.” So now y’all know Jesus’s type.

What else can you tell me about Cheezus (where Chaz + Jesus + Glee = Cheezus)?

1. Matt Hasselbeck’s daughter Annabelle really thought Cheezus = Jesus, per Peter King.

2. He’s a Leo. (Birthday is August 6, 1982.) Hence the hair.

3. He was a 3rd round pick in 2006 for the San Diego Chargers. He played in only 2 games for the Chargers, before being traded in March 2010 to the Seahawks.

4. He was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where his father David Whitehurst also played QB.

So, when’s Cheezus’s next game?

Cheezus Whitehurst may or may not be starting this week’s playoff game against the New Orleans Saints (Saturday at 4:30 p.m. on FOX), but if the Seahawks falter, you can be sure that CW will be there to suffer for the team’s sins.


Cute Football Player of the Week: Josh Freeman

I try to be fair and impartial in these Cute Football Player selections, but sometimes you just gotta be a homer.

And as far as I’m concerned, the Cute Football Player of the Year is Tampa Bay Bucs’ QB Josh Freeman.

Don’t know him yet? That’s ok. The Bucs are a smallish-market team, and they don’t get too much ESPN airtime. But Freeman’s talents are immense. Those in the know are catching on, so I’m sure the rest of the league will be soon, too.

Need an intro? Here you go:

Stats: 6'5", 250 lbs

Pastimes: Making local kids' wishes come true.

Karaoke Song: I’ve Got Friends in Low Places

He’s cute, but Garth Brooks? What else ya got?

All right, so his karaoke song is a little outdated. But Josh is a great guy. He’s polite, respectful, and he demands respect from his teammates. (Though he’s a little dry in interviews–still working on getting the personality to translate into soundbites.) On the field Josh has led 7 come-from-behind wins already in his second season, and in this week’s Seahawks game alone, Freeman threw for 5 touchdowns.

Ok, I’m sold! Josh Freeman is ten times the man that Jay Cutler will ever be. So, does he have a girlfriend?

According to the interwebs, Freeman is, indeed, taken. Gossip reports say that Freeman found one of the more “famous” Tampa residents to date, Devyn Simone of The Real World: Brooklyn fame.

First of all, wasn’t Devyn engaged to one guy while she was openly dating another? On camera?

Second, certain FifG bloggers live the real world: Brooklyn every day, and are constantly doing incredibly sexy things like trudging through 2-foot deep snow and eating cookie dough for dinner. Ahem.

Just FYI, Josh.

A Vacant Blog is a Popular Blog

Happy holidays, FifGers!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2010 football season.

My season has been surprisingly good on the field (Go Bucs and your non-losing record!), but frankly pretty meh off the field.

Which is why I haven’t been posting the Cute Football Player of the Week, or the FifG Game of the Week, or anything for that matter.

Funny thing, though. Thanks to the hotness of breakout start Peyton Hillis and the still-puzzling-to-me desirability of Jay Cutler, I’ve had more hits than ever this season. I’m almost nervous to start writing again, lest that cause my readership to decrease.

But, then, the blog gods are clearly begging for some FifG coverage–Jessica Simpson and her former football player boyfriend AND Jessica’s ex Tony Romo and his girlfriend get engaged within the same month? Come on!

So I’m going to try to do a little late season and postseason updating this year. We’ll see how it goes.

"Thank you for checking out the blog, guys!" No, no, thank YOU, Peyton Hillis.


Jay Cutler’s Love Triangle

Remember the Backstreet Boys vs. ‘NSYNC days? (Ok, so maybe some of you don’t. Heated rivalry, though, folks. Heated.)

I was partial to the Boys–but not because I preferred their music. See, the gentlemen of ‘NSYNC were young and hot (mostly) and natural lady killers. Case in point: super heartthrob Justin Timberlake, who is still popular and is working on a film career. On the other hand, the Backstreet Boys were sorta older, sorta more awkward. Case in point: super heartthrob Nick Carter, who had a show on E! that no one watched and is mostly famous for allegedly beating up Paris Hilton like 10 years ago.

See, I always felt that, unlike the ‘NSYNCers, if the Backstreet Boys hadn’t been blessed with decent voices and a hearty dose of fame, they would never have gotten laid. But because of the boy band, they did. I respect that, on their behalf.

Which brings me to Jay Cutler. Or, back to Jay Cutler. (See, we’ve discussed the dude before.) Now, I’ve discussed my opinion about Cutler’s desirability before (and so has a commenter), but even with his perma-scowl and weird hair, you just can’t seem to beat millions of dollars and a prestigious gig as the starting QB for the Chicago Bears for attracting female attention.

And, according to gossip reports, the ornery QB has found himself not one, but two ladies.  The first lady he is said to be dating is none other than Kristin Cavallari of MTV’s The Hills fame. Cutler is also supposedly dating a gal named Haley Higgins.Who has not  starred in reality television. At least not yet…

Cutler and Company, anyone? I smell a hit!

Just you wait, 'aley 'iggins! Just you wait! You'll be sorry, but your tears will be too late! (Um, My Fair Lady? Anyone?)