Super Bowl Bingo: Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

It’s about time to get prepping for this year’s Super Bowl! (Ok, so technically that time was probably several days ago. Bear with me here.) Got the snacks, got the jerseys… Now all you need is your annual Super Bowl Bingo game! As always, FifG Super Bowl Bingo is intended to help keep football fans […]

Super Bowl: Packers Cupcakes

It’s Super Bowl time once more. And even though the blogging here has been sporadic at best, I’ve still got some cupcake ideas for you! Phewf, right? We had some Steelers cupcake ideas a couple of years ago, but this is the first Packers Super Bowl since FifG was born. So without further ado, Packers […]

Super Bowl Wrap-Up

Not yet a week later, so I’d call this wrap-up supremely timely. Particularly since I had to trudge to work and back twice in the shin-deep snow yesterday, and today the snow turned into rivers and lakes of slushy mess. Oh, the fun walking commute. Geaux Saints!! After the first quarter, I thought the game […]

Last-Minute Super Bowl Food

Need to make something really, really fast for a Super Bowl party? I gotcha covered. All you need: -bread -peanut butter -jelly -Christmas cookie cutters How to: 1. Make a few PBJs. 2. Use cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into shapes. Angel cookie cutters are good for Saints fans, and stocking cookie cutters look […]