For the third pick in the draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…

…FifG! That sounds like a joke, but seriously, FifG was the third member of a Roger Goodell/Gerald McCoy split screen on Thursday night. Which is really, extremely hysterical. Attending the NFL draft was amazing, and I would highly recommend it. I have tons to say about the event, and I sort of already said it. […]

Player Pronunciation: Devin Aromashodu

I am taking a small FifG hiatus, due to lots of writing on Chicks in the Huddle, the holidays, and annoyingly lingering illness. BUT, this one made a small post worthwhile. Devin Aromashodu: deh-vin ah-roh-mah-shah-doo Let’s put it in a sentence (because it’s fun!). Said Bob to his friend Shadoo whence brownies are baking: That […]

Reason to Like Football, Father’s Day Edition

I’ve already mentioned that I hated football when I was little. Honestly, I never thought I would overcome the sincere dislike I had for the sport. I was one of those only-watch-the-Super-Bowl-and-then-only-pay-attention-to-the-halftime-show people. (Yes, I used to love the halftime shows. Sequins? Loved. Random children with flags? Loved. Oddly perky dancers in top hats? Loved.) […]

Reason to Like Football, the third

As a credit to my keen sense of “things” and “how it is” and such, I’ve come to grasp the fact that an object at rest stays at rest, and a nonfoobtall-liking person like football stays not liking football. As a credit to my “visionary nature” and “unmitigated sense of purpose,” I’m going to keep […]

In honor of Coach Singletary

New 49ers coach Mike Singletary played on the Super Bowl winning Chicago Bears team in ’85, which means he was in the Super Bowl Shuffle. My parents were Bears fans, so we bought the VHS tape of the Shuffle, and I loved it–even in the Punky Brewster days. But seriously, what’s not to love? The […]