A Vacant Blog is a Popular Blog

Happy holidays, FifGers! I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2010 football season. My season has been surprisingly good on the field (Go Bucs and your non-losing record!), but frankly pretty meh off the field. Which is why I haven’t been posting the Cute Football Player of the Week, or the FifG Game of the […]


Visceral Scott Hamilton reaction to the American championship figure skater Jeremy Abbott after screwing up big time.     Figure skating announcing is the best, because, unlike most sports, when the skater is doing really well the announcers are completely silent. For like minutes. And when things are not going so well, commentary ranges from […]

The Best Show in the History of TV. And Before That, Too.

You would think that this first weekend after football season would be the saddest weekend of the year. But I just watched one of the best games that I’ve seen all season long. On Friday Night Lights. I’ve now seen all of season 4, and I will give no spoilers. (Unless anyone who has seen […]

Up in the Air

As I mentioned might be the case, I was booked on a jetblue flight this Sunday at 7:40. My thought was that if the game started at 6:40, I would catch most of it on-board. We’d probably get on the plane around 7:10, so I would miss the first 20 minutes, tops. But of course, […]

Incredibly Off-Topic: The Bachelor

1. This season is ridiculous. Jake is very attractive physically but there’s, like, no there there. 2. This season is called The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. But they really played the song “On the Wings of Love” tonight. For real. And they brought out Chicago to play for a special one-on-one date. (For […]