I need a new lucky shirt.

Ok, so it’s been established (by the loss of the Bucs’ last four games and missing of the playoffs) that last year’s lucky t-shirt was not actually very lucky. When you think about it. So last year’s shirt is out, obvi. But what am I supposed to wear this year? For the record, I usually […]


This is a sad story. I guess the appropriate thing to do is send well-wishes and positive vibes? If so, I’m sending some now, and everyone else should feel free to do so as well. UPDATE: Matt Bryant played in the Bucs game on Sunday and made all three of his field goals, including the […]

You’re welcome, Bucs

As a non-impartial blogger, I will say that I’m very pleased about the Bucs’ win. Expect a bunch of articles to be written in Tampa and Chicago tomorrow explaining the outcome of the game. They’ll probably talk about Chicago’s defense wearing out and maybe about how the Tampa receivers decided to start catching a couple […]