Old Navy Needs a Proofreader

Hey all, Football season is back! Which means that Old Navy is back in the ultra-lucrative NFL/NCAA logo apparel biz. The store is once again selling merchandise for each NFL team and a bevy of college teams. (Though big-market team fans have a way better selection than smaller-market fans. See Buccaneers, Tampa Bay.) Anyhoo, though […]

Playoffs: Conference Championship Schedule

Long day in the life of FifG, so I’ll just give you this weekend’s schedule. (I might be watching one of these games on a plane this Sunday. Go jetblue!) Sunday, January 24 NY Jets at Indianapolis Colts, 3:00 PM on CBS Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints, 6:40 PM on FOX

Gaines Adams, 1983-2010

As you may know, FifG tries to be sort of, kind of impartial-ish in game recaps. (Ok, not really, but I try to at least respect both sides of an argument. Usually.) But as a fan I am a straight-up Buccaneer. Which is why today’s news that Gaines Adams passed away is especially sad. Though […]