T.O. as Shannen Doherty: The Analogy Lives On!

Ok, so remember how T.O. was just like Shannen Doherty? And he and Donovan McNabb feuded in Philly just like the gals of 90210? (Ok, so I think technically we said Charmed, but I’m modifying history slightly.) Well, turns out Donovan wants T.O. to come play with him in Washington! Which means that my analogy […]

Cute Football Player of the Week: The Tradees

In discussing the recent Brady Quinn/Peyton Hillis trade, a Denver friend insisted that that the Broncos got the best (read: cutest) player on the field. But, um, Peyton Hillis? Anyone? So, with that in mind, I thought we should delve into a major recent trade that sent Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb to the division-rival […]

Terrell “Doherty” Owens is Cut

We all knew it was coming. Dallas Cowboys’ receiver Terrell Owens was cut from his team. Blame the conflict with team QB (and Jessica Simpson boyfriend) Tony Romo, blame lofty pre-season expectations that came crashing down when the team failed to make the playoffs, blame the loud voice/fragile ego combo that tends to destroy locker […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

Today was the first snow of the year. I love the first snow. I tend to hate every snow thereafter, but the first is wonderful. Especially when you remember to wear your boots in the morning, which I did. That is the good news. The bad news is the Bucs lost this weekend. Again. Miserably. […]

FifG Game of the Week: New York Giants v. Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants [11-2] vs. Dallas Cowboys [8-5] (Sunday 8:15 p.m., NBC) Why it’s good football:Because the NFC East is the most popular division in football (see Pro Bowl voting), and this is a big chance for the Giants to prove that they have not been hindered by the loss of Plaxico Burress after last […]

Weekly Update

Well, this week didn’t go exactly as hoped for me, and it didn’t go as hoped for a few others. So, with a heavy heart, I bring you this weeks updates: The Bucs lost. But they didn’t just lose, they lost badly. But they didn’t just lose badly, they lost badly on national television. Oh, […]

Cowboys? Redskins?

I think we’ve officially reached the point of the season where I’m supposed to root for certain teams over certain other teams based on the Bucs’ odds of making the playoffs. Cris Collinsworth (whom I love, and whom you should all love because of whom’s awesomeness) said that I should be rooting for Dallas on […]