Monday MELF: NFC West

Another week, another Monday MELF. Reminder, the fancy-sounding MELF acronym stands for: Married Enemies Lovers Friends And it’s all based on a game I played when I was 12. And now, the QBs of the NFC West: M: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks For one, Russell is the hugely talented leader of what just might be […]

Monday MELF: AFC North

Welcome back to FifG, laydeez.* And welcome back to Monday MELF. For those of you who don’t remember what this is, on account of the fact that I have not posted a similar column for three years, let me remind you by way of reposting the origin story, if you will: As a preteen, my […]

Jesus Leads 7-9 Team to Playoffs

How did the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks win a ticket to the playoffs? Jesus played quarterback! Ok, it’s really Charlie Whitehurst. But is it any coincidence that a previously lousy backup QB had the game of his life in the NFC West showdown against the St. Louis Rams? You be the judge.   Ok, I’d like […]

Cute Football Player of the Week: Josh Freeman

I try to be fair and impartial in these Cute Football Player selections, but sometimes you just gotta be a homer. And as far as I’m concerned, the Cute Football Player of the Year is Tampa Bay Bucs’ QB Josh Freeman. Don’t know him yet? That’s ok. The Bucs are a smallish-market team, and they […]

Cute Football Player of the Week: The Tradees

In discussing the recent Brady Quinn/Peyton Hillis trade, a Denver friend insisted that that the Broncos got the best (read: cutest) player on the field. But, um, Peyton Hillis? Anyone? So, with that in mind, I thought we should delve into a major recent trade that sent Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb to the division-rival […]

FifG Cute Football Player of the Week: Chad Ochocinco

Ochocinco. My #2 fantasy (football) receiver. And every lady’s #1 fantasy (ahem) receiver. Now that Chad Ochocinco (nee Johnson) is not just a Cincinnati Bengal but also a Dancing Star, he’s also one of the most searched players on FifG. And why not? 1) He’s adorable. 2) He gives good twitter. 3) He’s likes to […]