Monday MELF: NFC West

Another week, another Monday MELF. Reminder, the fancy-sounding MELF acronym stands for:


And it’s all based on a game I played when I was 12.

And now, the QBs of the NFC West:

M: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Yes, ladies, I can cook, too. And I eat my veggies.

Yes, ladies, I can cook, too. And I eat my veggies.

For one, Russell is the hugely talented leader of what just might be the best NFC team for years to come. Playing as a rookie, the 24-year-old third-round pick led his team to an 11-5 record. Not too shabby. And how cute is he? Long-term success plus good looks makes Wilson the top marriage prospect of this bunch.

Also in his favor, Wilson already seems to be a great husband and has chosen a wife who seriously knows how to let her enthusiasm flag fly. Love. I mean, check this out:

russell wilson wife monday melf

The only appropriate response to your future husband being drafted.

E: Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams

Uh huh, nice try.

Uh huh, nice try.

He was drafted the same year as Tebow, but ahead of Tebow. This is sacrilegious. Oh, the horror! Oh, the wrath that shall befall the minions of heretics and non-virgins! Or something! (Yeah, I don’t know. Sometimes these enemy picks are a stretch.)

L: Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers

colin kaepernick monday melf

Yes, he, like Russell Wilson, has the kind of bright future you’d want in a husband. And yes, in his first year as a starter he led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. But let’s be honest. The tattoos? The swagger that seems to tiptoe the line between confidence and cockiness? The arrogant bicep-kissing TD celebration? (Which he says is to show his love for his tattoos, but conveniently acts as a way to draw attention to his bod.) It all adds up to Colin being an easy pick here.

F: Kevin Kolb, Arizona Cardinals


Draft talk says the Cardinals might be eying top quarterback prospect Geno Smith. Trade talk says that Matt Cassel might be a Card next season. And, anyway, the Cardinals seem disinterested in maintaining a relationship with Kolb. You guys, someone needs a friend.

FifGers, how would you rank the NFC West QBs?


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