FifG: Mourning Whitney

FifG, like many others, grew up on Whitney Houston.

The original Whitney album was FifG’s very first ever cassette tape–a purchase that was sooooooo cool and grown-up.

Whitney was important when I was growing up, you see. Which makes the news of her death an especially strong blow to the gut.

FifG loves celeb gossip as much as the next gal, but when things like this happen, you have to stop a moment and think, Wow. Being in the public eye must be so isolating, and terrifying, and sad.

It’s news to no one that Whitney was lauded for her magnificent national anthem performance at the 1991 Super Bowl in Tampa. (My dad attended that Super Bowl, and the thing he talked about most afterwards was not the game but Whitney’s performance.) But here’s another football-eque musical tribute, an oldie but goodie. RIP Whitney.


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