Super Bowl: Who Should I Root For?

Need a little help deciding which team to root for in tonight’s game?

Here are some questions to help you figure it out.

1) When I think of the United States, I think of:

A) The ol’ red, white, and blue
B) The Statue of Liberty

2) I am on “Team ________”:

A) Angelina
B) Jennifer

3) My favorite dance is:

A) white boy shake
B) salsa

4) The teen movie character I identify most with is:

A) the cocky homecoming king who wins everything
B) the kind of loudmouth guy who wins sometimes

5) New Yorkers are, to me:

A) obnoxious
B) awesome

6) I identify with…

A) the favored child
B) the younger child who has grown up in his sibling’s shadow

If you answered mostly As, you should root for the Pats. If you answered mostly Bs, then go Giants!

(Guys, there is no easy checklist on this one…)


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