Super Bowl: Packers Cupcakes

It’s Super Bowl time once more.

And even though the blogging here has been sporadic at best, I’ve still got some cupcake ideas for you!

Phewf, right?

We had some Steelers cupcake ideas a couple of years ago, but this is the first Packers Super Bowl since FifG was born.

So without further ado, Packers cupcakes!

First, an entire tray of Packer green and gold. (Or, technically, green and yellow.)

*Cupcakes co-decorated by Friend Cupcake.

Pretty from afar, right?

Nothing too creative this year. We used some green and yellow M&Ms to decorate, but basically this is just a straight-forward cupcake + frosting situation.

We did make one attempt at adventurous decorating. I bought Fruit Loops and crushed some yellow and green loops to make a decorative cereal crumb.

The following cupcakes are the result of that effort.

And they look, um, effort-y.

Go Packers!

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