Jay Cutler’s Love Triangle

Remember the Backstreet Boys vs. ‘NSYNC days? (Ok, so maybe some of you don’t. Heated rivalry, though, folks. Heated.)

I was partial to the Boys–but not because I preferred their music. See, the gentlemen of ‘NSYNC were young and hot (mostly) and natural lady killers. Case in point: super heartthrob Justin Timberlake, who is still popular and is working on a film career. On the other hand, the Backstreet Boys were sorta older, sorta more awkward. Case in point: super heartthrob Nick Carter, who had a show on E! that no one watched and is mostly famous for allegedly beating up Paris Hilton like 10 years ago.

See, I always felt that, unlike the ‘NSYNCers, if the Backstreet Boys hadn’t been blessed with decent voices and a hearty dose of fame, they would never have gotten laid. But because of the boy band, they did. I respect that, on their behalf.

Which brings me to Jay Cutler. Or, back to Jay Cutler. (See, we’ve discussed the dude before.) Now, I’ve discussed my opinion about Cutler’s desirability before (and so has a commenter), but even with his perma-scowl and weird hair, you just can’t seem to beat millions of dollars and a prestigious gig as the starting QB for the Chicago Bears for attracting female attention.

And, according to gossip reports, the ornery QB has found himself not one, but two ladies.  The first lady he is said to be dating is none other than Kristin Cavallari of MTV’s The Hills fame. Cutler is also supposedly dating a gal named Haley Higgins.Who has not  starred in reality television. At least not yet…

Cutler and Company, anyone? I smell a hit!

Just you wait, 'aley 'iggins! Just you wait! You'll be sorry, but your tears will be too late! (Um, My Fair Lady? Anyone?)

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