Jay Cutler Update, Care of the Commenters

I’m going to be upfront with the FifG nation: This new blog post is not a new blog post.

That’s right, I’m just going to go ahead and refer you back to this post about Jay Cutler and his dating status, because we’ve gotten some interesting new comments.

As the post can attest, I never thought Mr. Cutler seemed to be prime dating material, but I know many beg to differ.

One person who doesn’t? Commenter REALITY CHECK FOR U GIRLS.

Here’s just a sampling of what she had to say:

Jay is not to be trusted, to say the least….No matter how many times he promises you a game or dinner, it will not happen. He is the classic blow-off. Maybe it’s because I refused to meet “for cocktails”, regardless, no girl deserves to be treated the way he sees fit….He goes out too much. I mean, shit, pick up a hobby or something. Do something other than sitting on a pedestal at DT bars and clubs drinking and getting your body guard to approach chicks for you.

The End. (i hope)

Eek, RCFUG! Thanks for the heads-up.

FifG hopes it’s The End, too.


One thought on “Jay Cutler Update, Care of the Commenters

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