Cute Football Player of the Week: Peyton Hillis

Funny fact about this week’s CFP: I was tipped off to newly-minted Cleveland Brown Peyton Hillis‘ good looks by a dude on talk radio.

When I’m at work, I listen to the Tampa ESPN station online, and a couple of the gentlemen on one of the programs today were discussing just how marketable Brady Quinn was going to be in Denver, what with his boyish good looks and all. But one of the middle-aged dudes on the show thought it was a bad trade for Denver.

First of all, said he, fullback Peyton Hillis was a heckuva player. Second of all, he claimed Hillis was easy on the eyes.

Sure enough!

Thanks, old radio announcer man! This one’s for you.

Hillis gives good Helmet Hair.

For the ladies, and for Friend Kevin. From the Broncos fan forum page. (Click to see a couple more pictures.)

But does the new Cleveland Brown have a girlfriend? The answer is, unfortunately, that I do not know. HOWEVER, I have searched to find the answer and in doing so came across about 1,000 virus-infected sites. So, seriously, do not open those sites! Peyton’s questionable eligibility is not worth it!

So here’s what I suggest we do:
1) Read way too much into articles titles like this one: Peyton Hillis: Unappreciated, Unstoppable, and Untapped.
2) Assume singleness until proven relationshipful.

8 thoughts on “Cute Football Player of the Week: Peyton Hillis

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  3. Peyton and cute.. Peyton is FINE!! Do you see them cannons on that mans arms! The pecks! I am the browns greatest fan. I can say that we have several fine; not cute; MEN on our team! Browns have always had a few that make you spend time on the internet trying to see under that helmet; so to speak! 🙂

  4. hello peyton hillis is way past cute, good looking, easy on the eyes. he is absolutly delicious 🙂 i have looked all over to see if peyton hillis is single. of course i have yet to find a straight legit answer. 😦 but either way he is yummy

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