Jay Cutler: Does he have a girlfriend?

Update (4/22): Apparently Jay doesn’t have a girlfriend. Or, rather, apparently he didn’t, and now it’s up in the air. Maybe this will be Jay Cutler:Julia Allison as Tony Romo:Jessica Simpson? Except that since they are both (intentionally–ick) ubiquitous nowadays, we may just get to watch every teeny tiny step of the courtship. Wahoo.

Hey folks,
I’m going to try something new here. It seems many ladies out there in the blogosphere are trying to find out which football players are single. After noticing the number of requests to find out Baltimore QB Joe Flacco’s dating status, I did a little legwork and came up with the best answer that basic Web-surfing could find.

But he’s not the only one girls are (presumably) interested in dating, so I’m going to try to sleuth out some answers on the NFL dating scene. And by sleuth I mean google search. I know, I know. My connections are mind-blowing.

So without further ado, let’s talk Jay Cutler.

Who is he? Jay Cutler, QB and recent CFP, is grabbing headlines because his current team, the Denver Broncos, tried to trade him. He saw this as an affront to his talent and leadership role on the team and has subsequently made it quite clear to everyone in Denver and the world-round that he wants to be traded to a new team. Because he’s young and already an established and very good QB, half the teams in the league want him now. And, as evidenced by recent WordPress searches, half the women in the country want him as well.

Does he have a girlfriend? So I did my google searches, and, once again, I didn’t really come up with a clear answer. It seems that he did have a girlfriend in college, and she was with him on his draft day in 2006, but since then there’s been little news about his love life. So my answer to this is: Maybe?


The girl in front was Jays girlfriend at some point. Maybe now, maybe not. Helpful, right?

The girl in front was Jay's girlfriend at some point. Maybe now, maybe not. Helpful, right?

So maybe he’s single. If I meet him and he asks for my phone number, what should I do? Here’s what we do know about Jay’s personal life: He recently put his home in Denver on the market, as did his parents. Sports pundits have concluded that this means Jay is ready to leave town and find a new team. FifG pundits have concluded that this means his parents move with him wherever he goes. Potential daters, I leave it to you to decide if this is a good sign (close to his parents!) or a major red flag (mommy issues?).

If that doesn’t make you nervous, consider this. Jay has made a major brouhaha out of this trade business. Granted, there’s nothing really happening in football right now, so any news is big news. But the guy kept harping on how he wasn’t wanted or needed by his team and how made him feel alienated and like he shouldn’t be there. It’s a little childish, frankly. And it speaks to the fact that he needs constant validation. Sound like fun? Well, depends on your idea of fun, I guess.

One more thing: A guy my dad works with’s cousin lives in Denver down the block from Jay, and she’s said he’s completely obnoxious.

To be fair, he’s only 25, and he’s rich, and he’s an NFL QB, and he’s relatively famous, and lots of people want to date him, so take the caveats with a grain of salt.

Oh, and if you do start dating him, please let me know so I can make this whole blogging thing legit.

Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Jay Cutler: Does he have a girlfriend?

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    • Haha, you are totally right, Alex, but that’s the best I could do with the powers of google search.

  2. I love your blog. Very cute. I’ve been watching JC since his days at Vandy…and NOW he is playing with an old classmate of mine on the Bears. I already e-mailed my friend, an offensive lineman, and told him to play matchmaker so that I may begin planning my Summer 2010 wedding. He responded with a, “Do I also mention you’re his stalker?!?” Soo….I need to do a little more convincing on my end.

    Ugh, whatev. (Wink.)

    Glad to see more Cutler fans on board!

    • Thanks so much!
      And I say definitely have your friend tell Jay you’re stalking him. I bet Jay will be so flattered that he automatically proposes marriage. I hear stuff like that happens all the time. And I’ll totally post your engagement photos here. πŸ™‚

  3. Jay is not to be trusted, to say the least. Don’t ever put faith in the guy because he will not be coming through. Disregard his texts messages if you ever have the misfortune of meeting him and giving out your number (..it was alcohol induced). No matter how many times he promises you a game or dinner, it will not happen. He is the classic blow-off. Maybe it’s because I refused to meet “for cocktails”, regardless, no girl deserves to be treated the way he sees fit.
    My ego was bruised for the simple fact that I was blown off and nothing further because, to put this nicely, he is not that attractive or entertaining in conversation.
    He goes out too much. I mean, shit, pick up a hobby or something. Do something other than sitting on a pedestal at DT bars and clubs drinking..and getting your body guard to approach chicks for you.

    The End. (i hope)

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