Weekly Wrap-Up

So, technically it’s almost next week already, but in case you didn’t feel like watching the games this weekend after all, here’s what happened:

  • The Redskins beat the Browns, but barely. So, see? The exciting game I promised! Only it was kind of a boring game, honestly, but I like to call any game with a close score EXCITING! And so it was.
  • The Tampa Bay Rays won the American League Championships in baseball, which was very exciting because I wanted the Red Sox to lose. I don’t really care about the World Series though. I hope Tampa wins, and all, but, eh… Clearly I need to find the site Baseball is for Girls and learn me why that sport is so dern compelling. (As far as I’m concerned, hot dogs and little cups of ice cream with the wood spoonlet are the best things baseball has to offer.)
  • Princes William and Harry did some sort of charity motorcycle ride last week, and people.com had a photo attached to the story with the brothers and their bikes. Click on the front page of the webazine? Only Harry. William was cropped out. Poor William.
  • I wore my good luck t-shirt again, and again the Bucs won. Forget that they played a Seattle team with like 75% of its starters injured. Thankfully it’s a comfy shirt, because it seems I’ll be wearing it at least 9 more times this year. Also, I’d like to note that I took my clothes to the wash and fold on Monday, so despite the fact that I have no time this weekend to do laundry, my shirt will be clean. (New Yorkers don’t typically have in-home laundry, so please appreciate what you’ve got, people.)
  • Kellen Winslow had a staff infection. Um… Uh huh.
  • I saw Rachel Getting Married this week, and I dunno, maybe the acting was really good, but all I could think the whole time was, Wow! Thank geebus I don’t have to attend that wedding! Potentially the most pretentiously hippie affair in cinematic history. Is that one of the Oscar categories? Also, Anne Hathaway cut her pretty hair off to be “edgy.” That was sad.

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